Indoor Air Pollutants effecting health of working people.

Indoor Air Pollutants effecting health of working people.

When you think of pollution, tailpipes and smokestacks are probably what come to mind — not your office. But our offices are filled with noxious substances that can be harmful to your health.

Given the fact that we spend from 65 to 90 percent of our time inside, according to the Washington Department of Health, it’s important to keep indoor air clean.

“Most of the things that cause problems are odorless.” Dr. Nicholas Busba. “So, in many cases there’s nothing to alert you to the problem.” That is theres nothing other than the symptoms thease allergens can trigger. Such as respritory problems (including asthma flare ups) and fatigue.

Here are some tips to keep you office air fresh and healthy.

  1. Keep it clean- Good indoor hygine can greatly cut down on dust mites, germs and mold.
  2. Dust surfaces regularly.
  3. Change your filters regularly.
  4. Vacuum all floors daily wth hepa filter vacuums.
  5. Invest in a good floor matting system. This traps dirt in the mat instead of making it airbourne.
  6. Have a good carpet cleaning routine in place.
  7. Mop hard floors daily.
  8. Use eco-friendly cleaning products whenever possible.
  9. Let fresh air in.
  10. Invest in an air purifier.
  11. Cutting out smoking – over 4000 chemicals are in cigarette smoke.
  12. Monitor humidity – it should be between 30-50%.
  13. Monitor ventilation.
  14. Keep some greenery indoors. Many plants scrub you air.
  15. Keep air ducts free from dust and dirt.

Hot Tip of the Week * Floor Matting Deals * Building Owners and Managers * Get ready for Winter *

Hi evreyone 🙂


Hope you are all having a great day.  Just wanted to share some important information on floor matting with you today.  Floor matting is important for every building owner and manager, especially in MN.  It is for improved safety, health and building maintenance.


Some of the Benefits of a good matting system :

-Safer walking areas

-Healthier air – (mats trap dust and dirt so they don’t go in the air.)

-Less dust

-Less dirt on your building surfaces (carpets and hard floors = longer useful life out of your building floors and fixtures)


Solutions for your matting system:

– Call us and we can help consult you with your matting system.  763 241-4853  Planning,  Buying and Cleaning.

-Look online and check out some of the resources.   There are many options.

-Menards – Great deals on cut your own mats.  I have a picture on that.  I buy these mats for my house, office and some customers.  So far they have been very  reliable.


Floor Care ,

We love these floor mats at Menards. These are a nice for building owners and manager who want more matting in their building and would like an improved air quality.


With winter right around the  corner, it’s time to start evaluating building matting systems:)

Give us a call if there is anything we can help you with.


Thank you for everything.  We really appreciate it.